The Weekly Read – May 16th


Selecting interesting articles, exciting news from the world of comics and pop culture, important editorials, or unique perspective pieces; LGN presents a weekly round up of links to read every Monday.

This week we have the History of Thrones, Booster Gold news, and Supergirl makes a big leap to another network.

1. History of Thrones: Howland Reed, the Man Who Saved Ned Stark | Nerdist
“We already knew that only two people walked away from the Tower of Joy alive: Ned Stark, and the man that saved his life, Howland Reed. In the second novel, A Clash of Kings, Bran Stark recalls that his father told him that Ser Arthur Dayne would have killed him that day had it not been for Howland Reed.”

The Nerdist has put together a great “History Of” for the HBO series Game of Thrones. If you are not a book reader, this overview in 8 parts can help fill in the blanks on upcoming Game of Thrones histories and plot. Beware if you don’t like spoilers.

2. Future Leading Ladies of Hollywood | V Magazine
“One after another, the stars roll in, a generational cross section of young women who don’t have time for the studies that say women are invisible in Hollywood—unless invisibility is their superpower. These are not It Girls; they are fearless forward thinkers. Instead of breaking into the industry by wearing bridesmaid gowns, they might sport one only as a disguise for the superhero underneath.”

A great article about 6 new leading ladies to look for in new movies this Summer. Most of the list boasting genre films and tv shows and half are in Comic book movies. Check out these lovely ladies.


3. Once, Twice, Three Times a Hero: The History of DC’s Booster Gold | THR
“The news that Greg Berlanti is developing a Booster Gold movie for Warner Bros. with Thor screenwriter Zack Stentz is something likely to provoke one of two reactions from fans of his DC Entertainment TV shows The Flash and Arrow. Either they’ll be excited, or they’ll be wondering “Who is Booster Gold, anyway?”

The answer to that question starts in 1986, when Booster Gold No. 1 was released, introducing the comic book faithful to a mysterious new superhero who most definitely wasn’t what he seemed — and even what he seemed wasn’t what most comic book readers were used to.”

Booster Gold has been optioned for a new movie and DC favourite Greg Bertlanti is developing the project. Check out the Hollywood Reporter summary of the fan favourite superhero.


4. Powerless Photos Provide First Peek at Crimson Fox |
“With the announcement that NBC has picked up the DC superhero comedy Powerless for a season on the network, DC Entertainment has released a trio of images, one of which features a small peek at Crimson Fox.”

NBC and DC Entertainment present “Powerless” about how an insurance company deals with destruction left by DC Superheroes. Set to premiere this year on NBC.


5. Supergirl renewed and moving to The CW | EW
“Supergirl has been renewed for a second season — but will be moving from CBS to The CW, EW has learned.”

Rejoice Supergirl fans, the show moves from CBS to CW to join it’s fellow DC properties under the same creative umbrella. Did I call it the CW or did I mean the DCW.


6. Move Over JLo, There’s a Puerto Rican Superhero and She Can Fly | NCB News
“With a crushing debt and a health care and humanitarian crisis in the making, the beautiful island of Puerto Rico could use a superhero right now. And thanks to Brooklyn-based Marvel Comics writer and comic book nerd, Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, it got one. Her name is La Borinqueña, a New York-born superhero who discovers her superpowers when she visits the island.”

Representation matters and in Edgardo’s case, Puerto Rico needs a heroic symbol. Enter La Borinqueña, a female Puerto Rican superhero to the rescue.


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