The Weekly Read – June 27th


Selecting interesting articles, exciting news from the world of comics and pop culture, important editorials, or unique perspective pieces; LGN presents a weekly round up of links to read every Monday.

This week we have Star Trek and it’s fans, digital fatigue, and the Women of Youtube.

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1. Who Owns Star Trek? | Buzzfeed
“As science fiction’s most venerable franchise marks its 50th anniversary with a new movie and its first new TV series in over a decade, the chance to unify and mobilize its famously devoted — and demanding — fanbase may be the true final frontier.”

A wonderful article outlining the struggles and successes of Star Trek and it’s fans.

“Penny Dreadful never quite got the pop cultural buzz or ratings that shows like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, and Mad Men received, despite a loyal core following. Now with the abrupt and surprise end of the show, it’s a good time to reflect back on all the things concerning the series, and explain to people who never gave the show a proper chance just why Penny Dreadful was one of the greatest genre shows of the modern era, and detail the reasons why they should go back and check out all 27 episodes as quickly as humanly possible.”

RIP Penny Dreadful, read about why it was so great.

3. Do Readers Have Digital Fatigue? | Flavorwire
“If the book market has seen a measurable decline in its electronic format, why haven’t the music and film industries experienced the same? The Codex Group study is the first to suggest the decline of the ebook might be due to a combination of related problems: poor user experience and digital fatigue.”

Are e-readers growing tired of their digital screens?

4. The Problem With Making Mentally Ill Women Desirable in Films | Catalogue Magazine
“In popular culture, female mental illness is intrinsically associated with individuality, genius, or the ability to escape societal norms. The Fucked Up Girl is interesting; she has a hook and some insight into a world that others can’t experience, and she’s desirable because of this.”

An overview of mentally ill women in pop culture and their strikingly similar outcomes.

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5. The Women of Youtube | Daily Dot
The Daily Dot has a great series of interviews with popular female Youtube stars such as Hannah Hart, Megan McKay, and Laci Green.


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