LGN Cosplays: Make-up & Prop Tutorials

Join us on Thursday September 1st, 7pm, at Happy Harbor Comics for a special cosplay tutorial panel!
The Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo is coming up soon and we want you to put your best face forward and trusty props in hand!
Need tips and tricks for your next Cosplay make up and props? We are brining you a few different tutorials to help you with different make-up styles and prop construction. Stay tuned for pictures from your panelists!
We strive to create an inclusive nerd community, everyone is welcome to attend.

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Our Cosplay Panelists:
Shibuya Mariko on Props, Kris Driessen on Make up, and Sylvia Moon on Silk Screening!
Shibuya Mariko:
No power tools at home? No workshop? Disappointed with what came in the mail? Con crunch a prop in a week’s time despite all that! From making templates to choosing materials to putting it all together. Make a sturdy prop that will survive the weekend and the ride home.

Shibuya Mariko’s prop skills were born out of necessity due to the lack of available and quality props to buy or the hefty shipping fees involved,she started experimenting and researching various materials and methods in making props and accessories to accompany her costumes. She has also recently been recognized at Otafest and Animethon for her work in prop making as well.
Shibuya Mariko has been cosplaying since 2012 starting as Sailor Moon and with her first prop, Moon Kaleidoscope, and now 4 years and a dozen katanas later, she is excited to share her knowledge and experience with everyone!”

Check out their Shibuya Mariko’s page here:


As a costuming enthusiast, I was really taken in by the design for The Enchantress (featured in this summer’s Suicide Squad).  I’ll be demonstrating full face/upper body makeup, a hairpiece and the build of two accessories worn in the film by this character.  Looking forward to showing you how to recreate this beautiful, spooky, messy look! Kris is a creative soul be sure to check out her work: http://www.bloomandblaze.com/

Sylvia Moon:

Want to know how to silk screen? It’s not a difficult process. Just takes planning and patience.
Learn how to process one-color designs on to fabric with this simple silk screening technique. Get the long and short versions using professional and household tools.



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