The Weekly Read – Sept 5th


Selecting interesting articles, exciting news from the world of comics and pop culture, important editorials, or unique perspective pieces; LGN presents a weekly round up of links to read every Monday.

This week we have a positive review of Suicide Squad, #WeAreAllBarb, and the magnificent Luke Cage.


1. An Honest Review: Suicide Squad | Nerds of Color
Suicide Squad is a meta commentary on outcasts — and by extension Nerds of Color (see what I did there), LGBTQs, and other minorities. This movie is for the outsiders who were too black and/or too gay and weren’t allowed to join the Avengers and by extension the Mickey Mouse Club. See Paul Mooney if that reference evades you.

An honest review from a self-identified outcast, here’s a positive review of Suicide Squad.

2. Super IMPACT 25 | ESPN & Marvel
“What do you get when espnW IMPACT25 honorees Carli Lloyd, Lydia Ko, Serena Williams, Ronda Rousey and Misty Copeland join forces with Ms. Marvel, The Black Widow, Thor, She-Hulk and Medusa? A #SUPERSQUAD, that’s what. And below, see more original renderings as Marvel artists turned our illustrious list of 2015 Influencers and Athletes into super versions of themselves.”

A wonderful list of American athletes drawn as super heroes by Marvel Comics artists.


3. ‘I am Barb’: people are sharing their high school photos in solidarity with Stranger Things’s most tragic character | telegraph
“Barb’s untimely disappearance from the show has been one of the few criticisms viewers – and even fans – have levelled at Stranger Things’ creators, the Duffer Brothers. She’s been upheld as a style icon. Artistic fans have dedicated fan art to the awkward teenager, including a mural in Los Angeles. The hashtag #WeAreAllBarb has allowed people a much-needed vent to tackle the more miserable parts of their adolescence.”

Stranger Things and it’s capacity to capture the look of the 80s has fans hashtagging their best Barb looks.

“Many book worms (ourselves included) grew up devouring the story of Anne Shirley, an 11-year-old orphan finding her way through life after being mistakenly sent to work on a farm (they were expecting a boy). What’s a girl to do? Well, Anne doesn’t go down without a fight and her story unfolds in a series of good deeds and mishaps across her small town. In essence, Anne is pretty much the older sister to great literary characters like Pippi Longstocking and more recently, Hermione Granger.”

Get your sun hat and best linens and let this little piece of Canadiana take you over. No release date for the show but you can always read the books.


“Coker says he was inspired to serve as showrunner when he realized the ramifications of a series about a black man with impenetrable skin and how that might empower him to take on both criminals and crooked authority figures. “The main reason people don’t speak out, their main fear, is getting shot,” Coker says. “So what happens if someone is bulletproof? What happens if you take that fear away? That changes the whole ecosystem.””

Luke Cage. Netflix. September 20th. Watch it!

6. Jessie Graff’s Vegas Stage 1 Run | American Ninja Warrior

Legendary run.


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