The Weekly Read – Oct 31st


Selecting interesting articles, exciting news from the world of comics and pop culture, important editorials, or unique perspective pieces; LGN presents a weekly round up of links to read every Monday.

This week we have ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark’ ranked, photos of a Vampire Hunter’s kit, and my Grandma the poisoner.


1. Ranking: Every Are You Afraid of the Dark? Episode From Worst to Best | Consequence of Sound
“The premise of Are You Afraid of the Dark? is ridiculous: a handful of pre-teen/teenage strangers traveling from all across a city to tell scary stories out in the woods in the middle of the night. (How’d they meet? What kind of parents allow their kids out like that? How’d they never burn the forest down?) But the infeasibility of The Midnight Society didn’t stop the show from becoming a weekly staple for a generation of tweens. We were old enough to stay up but not old enough to stay out, so we spent nearly every Saturday night huddled around our television sets with friends or siblings, pretending not to be terrified by that week’s tale.”

Season 1 of Are You Afraid of the Dark? is available on Netflix.

2. 35 Horror Readers Recommend The Most Disturbing Story They’ve Ever Read | Thought Catalog
“Forget horror movies. Nothing will creep you out more than these famous novels recommended by Reddit users. Read them at your own risk.”

Need some scary novels? Why not try a few of these titles and scare up your evenings.

3. The Incredible Vampire Hunting Kit From The 1800’s | ati
“The vampire hunting kits allegedly sold to 19th century travelers in eastern Europe contain much of what you would expect: a wooden stake, Bible, crucifix, pistol with lead bullets, gunpowder, garlic, and glass vials that held various concoctions to ward off vampires.”

Photos and all!

4. A Haunting Short Film Set in a World Where Evolution Happens Rapidly—And Is Often Deadly | Gizmodo
“In the dystopian world of Dust, evolution occurs at a breakneck rate, forming organisms that may hold miraculous powers or trigger deadly plagues. While most of humanity lives in walled cities, it’s the job of trackers to record the changes, and look for ways to cure the sicknesses.”

Clocking at about 27 minutes, you can watch the short film on Vimeo. Video in link.


5 . My Grandma the Poisoner | Vice
“People were always dying around Grandma—her children, her husbands, her boyfriend—so her lifelong state of grief was understandable. To see her sunken in her high and soft bed, enshrouded in the darkness of the attic, and surrounded by the skin-and-spit smell of old age, was to know that mothers don’t get what they deserve. Today, when I think back on it, I don’t wonder whether Grandma got what she deserved as a mother; I wonder whether she got what she deserved as a murderer.”

An account of the writer’s grandmother who was poisoning her loved ones. A deep and personal read about loved ones.

6. An Internet Story | Short Film by Adam Butcher

“A series of shocking events unfolds when a young man creates a public treasure hunt for his own amusement and a video blogger decides to pursue the riddles across country.”

An eerie story of a treasure hunt gone awry.


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