The Weekly Read – Nov 21st


Selecting interesting articles, exciting news from the world of comics and pop culture, important editorials, or unique perspective pieces; LGN presents a weekly round up of links to read every Monday.

This week we have a correction about fandom, LGBTQ+ in YA fiction, and #RIPVine.


1. Correction: Fandom is Broken | CBR
“A few months back, in response to a viral essay penned by Devin Faraci, I wrote that fandom isn’t broken. As it turns out, I was wrong.

Earlier this week, the cover to final issue of “Mockingbird,” illustrated by Joëlle Jones and featuring the title character wearing a shirt that read “Ask Me About My Feminist Agenda,” inspired a torrent of abuse on Twitter toward writer Chelsea Cain, who ultimately quit the social media platform rather than continue to weather the barrage of nastiness and threats directed her way by people whom she’d never met.”

An op-ed in regards to fandom and the recent events regarding Chelsea Cain.

2. Once Taboo, Gay Characters Are Taking Over YA Fiction | Broadly
“In 2003, David Levithan—the author of Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist and now the publisher and editorial director of Scholastic—ushered in a golden age of gay young adult (YA) fiction. His debut novel Boy Meets Boy told the classic boy-meets-girl love story, but with two boys. The book became a cult classic among both queer teens and adults, inspiring a new generation of YA authors.”

The modern movement of LGBTQ+ in YA fiction.

3. The Death of Vine Makes the Internet a Worse Place | Select/All
“The lack of adult supervision or corporate culture may have made it somewhat impenetrable, but it also made it feel free in a way no other social network really does. And that freedom paid off. In terms of creating phrases, ideas, and images that made it into mainstream culture — that is, memes — Vine was unparalleled.”


4. Steve Dillon, Artist And ‘Preacher’ Co-Creator, Dies at 54 | Comics Alliance
“A sad day for fans of Preacher co-creator and revered comic artist Steve Dillon, as the Hellblazer and Punisher icon has passed away at age 54. Dillon had worked on everything from Doctor Who to Nick Fury and Judge Dredd, including the original Preacher artwork alongside co-creator Garth Ennis.”

Read about the life works of Steve Dillon.


5. In ‘Westworld,’ the Player Piano is a Main Attraction | WSJ
“Nolan and Joy weren’t afraid to get technical with the thing, either. After they select the tunes they want to be heard playing on the piano, they ask Djawadi to transcribe them into sparse-sounding piano compositoins. The composer then sends digital files of those compositions to QRS Music Technologies, a 23-person company in Seneca, Pa., that has been making piano rolls for player pianos since 1900.”

Check out this feature on the player pianos in HBO’s Westworld.


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