The Monthly Read – Jan 9th


Selecting interesting articles, exciting news from the world of comics and pop culture, important editorials, or unique perspective pieces; LGN presents a monthly round up of links to read.

This month we have 2017 TV shows, remembering cultural icons, Sailor Moon R in theatres, and Ducktales.

1. The 23 TV Shows We Can’t Wait to Watch in 2017 | Vulture
“How could TV be better than it was in 2016? After such an all-time great year of shows, it’s hard to imagine the likes of Atlanta, Stranger Things, and American Crime Story being topped next year, but as FX CEO John Landgraf has reminded us, we’re still quite a ways from hitting Peak TV.”

Need a navigator going into the next TV season? Get ahead of the class with Vulture’s podcast about 2017’s newest release of TV shows.

2. Our favorite satellite imagery of 2016 | Medium
“Over the last twelve months dozens of our small satellites have been orbiting Earth at a speed of 7 kilometers per second, snapping two images each second during the daylight. That’s a lot of pictures.

At Planet, we’ve done our best to sift through as many as we can, and compile a list of our favorite images of the year.”

Very cool images of your home planet, Earth.

3. R.I.P. Debbie Reynolds | AVClub
“Debbie Reynolds started out as a starlet on the MGM lot. After her 1950 breakout role inThree Little Words, she was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Most Promising Newcomer.”

R.I.P. Carrie Fisher | AVClub
“Fisher was born on October 21, 1956, the daughter of actress Debbie Reynolds and singer Eddie Fisher. Her first role was as a Girl Scout alongside her mother and “hundreds of children” in the TV movie Debbie Reynolds And The Sound Of Children (1969); six years later, she played a small role in Hal Ashby’s Shampoo (1975) before landing the role that would come to define her career, as the defiant, fiery Princess (and later General) Leia Organa in Star Wars.”

Remembering this cultural icons via AVClub.

4. Multiculturalism in Shakespeare’s plays | British Library
“In their keen sympathy for the plight of the alienated and dispossessed, Shakespeare’s words seem to prefigure the insights of great dramas of race such as The Merchant of Venice and Othello. Whoever wrote them had a fine ear for the way rhetoric can sway a crowd – it’s hard not to think of Julius Caesar, too – but also a sharp eye for the troubled relationship between ethnic minorities and majorities.”

Get some insight on Shakespeare’s plays.

5. Sailor Moon R THE MOVIE back on the big screen this January! | The Bounce
“The 1993 anime film Sailor Moon R THE MOVIE will re released in North America January of 2017!”

Edmonton and area fans, Sailor Moon R movie is back in theatres in January. Hit up VizMedia from more information.

6. What’s Happening In The Brain When Your Imagination Is Active? | Mind Shift
“Imagination is often associated with childhood, but that doesn’t mean the process is simple. Conjuring images that one has never seen before is more complex than it seems, requiring the brain to reconfigure images it can readily identify in new ways.”

Complete with a nifty TED-Ed video.

7. Women Who Draw
“Women Who Draw is an open directory of female* professional illustrators, artists and cartoonists who take freelance work.”

A directory of female artists for hire.

8. The Strombo Show presents Hip 30Strombo
“On New Year’s Day, the Strombo Show presented a four-hour special honouring the Tragically Hip’s 30th anniversary, featuring covers and chats with the Hip’s friends, fans and colleagues.”

The biggest cover show of Canada’s most beloved band.

9. Ducktales Video Announcement | Twitter

Life is like a hurricane.

10. Ten Edmonton comics and graphic novels from 2016 to collect | Edmonton Journal
“Here’s a list of 10 comic books and graphic novels with Edmonton connections — written, drawn or both — that hit shelves and protective bags in the last year.”

A great local list to add to your reading pile.


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