LGN Presents: Local Indie Comics

Thursday February 2nd
Happy Harbor Comics

Join us for a presentation and discussion about independent local comics. Happy Harbor Comic’s current Artist in Residence Joanne Wojtysiak along with Allison PaigeAmber Noelle, Maija Plamondon, and Carrie Q. Contrary are going to tell us about their work on comics, talk about their style & subject matter, and learn more about the Happy Harbor Artist in Residence Program.

If you’re a comics fan, a comics creator, or just want to see what independent work is coming out of these talented creators join us for a moderated discussion and socialization!

Joanne Wojtysiak: I am a cartoonist, illustrator and painter, mostly interested in exploring a wide variety of styles and techniques. I like for my art to have a sense of fun, life, colour and a bit of a twist, and that’s what I’d like to pass on to my clients and audience. More information on her current Artist in Residency here.

Amber Noelle is a comics creator, sculptor, and dog lover. She co-created Whispering Ash with her sibling…

Allison Paige (they/them) is a queer comics creator, the other half of Whispering Ash, a regency-era horror comic with sword fights, romance, and monstrous revelations.

Carrie Q. Contrary is a comics artist specializing in strong, sexy ladies and naughty nerds! Here’s a link to her work, NSFW 😉 

Maija Plamondon is a writer who spends most of their time covered in birds and hunched uncomfortably over some sort of glowing screen. They are currently focusing on the autobiographical comic, Coming of Age

Come out and support local comics! See you all on Thursday, February 2nd 7PM at Happy Harbor Comics (10729 104 Avenue).


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