The Monthly Read – Feb 6th


Selecting interesting articles, exciting news from the world of comics and pop culture, important editorials, or unique perspective pieces; LGN presents a monthly round up of links to read.

This month we have comics to get your through 2016, The Librarians, and the best board games of 2016.

1. Knitting, crocheting and jam-making improve mental health, study finds | The Telegraph
Knitting, crocheting and jam-making have never been associated with great thrills – but, it turns out, they work wonders for wellbeing.”

Getting creative helps brush off those blahs, get at it ladies.

2. Ranking: Community’s Musical Moments from Worst to Best | CoS
“Who needs to remember Pierce’s mnemonic device (“Kevin Please Come Over for Gay Sex”) when you’ve got Prof. Bauer to rap with you? Betty White’s guest spot as a badass anthropology professor comes to a great finish with her joining Troy and Abed for a new rap in the study room.”

A great run down of when Community got musical.

3. 10 Comics That Got You Through 2016 | Buzzfeed
“We asked artists to create work that went beyond words. Here are some of our favorites from 2016.”

Some choice indie comics to peruse.

4. Tarot Deck for the 21st Century | Broadly
“A team of four female curators brought over 70 artists together to create a new, more diverse tarot deck for an upcoming London exhibition. See exclusive images from the deck.”

A great art project to find inspiration.

5. Unravelling the mystery of the bullet journal | CBC
“If you aren’t yet a bullet journal convert, here’s what you need to know: bullet journaling is the hottest organizational tool since the Palm Pilot and it’s touted as the diary/journal/agenda to end all to-do lists, calendars and vision boards.”

Need to organize big time, try a Bullet Journal.

6. Kyle MacLachlan Returns as Agent Cooper in New ‘Twin Peaks’ Teaser | Flavorwire
“It is happening again. The old familiar twang of the Twin Peaks theme song is resonant this week in a new teaser that features Kyle MacLachlan’s beloved character Dale Cooper.”

Because its damn good coffee.

“For 13 long years, we’ve wanted to see a conclusion to Genndy Tartakovsky‘s Samurai Jack, and now the wait is almost over. Adult Swim has revealed the premiere date of the fifth and final season!”

The wait is over. March. 2017. Jack gets his ending.

8. Miles Morales Confirmed to Lead Sony Animation’s Spider-Man Feature | THR
“Though there was speculation that the untitled Spider-Man animation film would focus on Morales, the news is now official thanks to an announcement made by SPA president Kristine Belson at an SPA slate presentation on Wednesday morning.”

Miles Morales confirmed for new Sony Animated feature.

9. ‘The Librarians’ Star Noah Wyle: What’s Driving Him to Save Family Friendly TV | IndieWire
“The show, which airs its season finale this Sunday, isn’t a dark drama like the network’s latest original series, “Animal Kingdom” and “Good Behavior.” But Wyle, who executive produces the show, appeared in seven episodes this season, directed two and even wrote one, believes “The Librarians” serves a purpose, as one of the few shows on TV crafted to serve as true family programming.”

In a TV landscape filled with “edgy” shows, here’s to a show completely fine with staying true to their family-friendly roots.

10. The 10 Best Boardgames of 2016 | Paste Magazine
“Between full plays and demos at GenCon, I tried over 50 new boardgames in the last twelve months, and it was hard to winnow the list to just ten.”

Maybe it’s a good time to get to your local gaming cafe or comic shop and get gaming this 2017.


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