The Monthly Read – April 3rd


Selecting interesting articles, exciting news from the world of comics and pop culture, important editorials, or unique perspective pieces; LGN presents a monthly round up of links to read.

This month we have The Expanse, Fan Art legality, and D&D Beyond.

1. ‘The Expanse’: How The Syfy Series Found the Unfindable Actress (Which Means Other Shows Can, Too) | indiewire
“In the first scene of “The Expanse” Season 2, a tough-as-nails soldier in full battle armor charges across the dry Martian landscape, dodging explosions and raining down hellfire. It’s our first glimpse of Bobbie Draper, a bold new addition to Syfy’s complex sci-fi drama — who was also a make-or-break casting problem that the producers were concerned they wouldn’t be able to solve.”

Need to pad your TV time with a good sci-fi piece? Check out The Expanse.

2.Is Fan Art Illegal? | Art & Sterf
“Surely Marvel owns the right to Captain America, we think, even if that sweet girl sitting at the booth was the one to knit the mittens.

But the question is: Does Marvel really care?”

Get an in-depth look on the legality of Fan Art.

3. Eight Decades Later, ‘The Four Immigrants Manga’ Finds New Life as a Musical | NBC Asian American
“The musical is a stage adaptation of a comic book by Henry Kiyama. Originally self-published in 1931 and considered one of the first graphic novels, “The Four Immigrants Manga” tells through 52 comic strips the stories of Henry, Frank, Charlie, and Fred, four men from Japan who arrive in San Francisco via Angel Island in 1904.”

Manga on an American stage.

4. 10 female cartoonists you need to know | AVClub
“Today, we once again take the opportunity to celebrate some of the fantastic women cartoonists and artists working in comics. On the one hand, it’s absolutely strange to continue to have “women in X field” features when women make up more than half the world’s population, and sure, it’d be nice to be beyond the engagement of these reductive stances. On the other hand, we’re not even close to parity, and lists like this can be very effective in quickly introducing work that’s overlooked. So, yes, these are all female artists, but these are all excellent artists, full stop.”

There are always new female artists to discover that don’t get their due. Give these ones a look through.

5. Films About Women Artists You Might Have Missed | Flavorwire
“In the spirit of Varda’s great work and fascinating life and career, we wanted to feature films about women artists you might have missed — from documentaries, to rarely talked about award-winning feature films.”

Check out this list of movies featuring the lives of female artists.

6. The Martial Arts Show That Is Destroying Asian Stereotypes on Screen | Vice
“Daniel Wu did not expect to be the star of AMC’s Into the Badlands. Starring in the show would require him to take on complex fighting scenes. And in his 40s, he wasn’t sure if his body would be up for it.”

AMC’s Into The Badlands second season premiered March 19th, catch yourself up on Netflix. It’s a badass show.

7. A Condensed History Of The Cornetto Trilogy | Decider
“Unlike a traditional trilogy, the three films are not connected by universe or narrative, but rather by common themes, running gags, Wright’s signature kinetic directing style, and Cornetto ice cream cones. In Shaun of the Dead, Wright had originally written the Cornetto to be a hangover cure for Frost’s character (based on Wright’s real experience in this department), and the U.K. treat ended up being a part of several throwaway jokes in the film.”

A great trilogy to binge! If you haven’t seen this trilogy, get on it.

8. Check Out Ava DuVernay’s Photos From the Set of ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ | Flavorwire
“Ava DuVernay announced on Twitter yesterday that principal photography for her film adaptation of Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time had wrapped — and with that announcement she honored many of the actors and crew members she’d worked with with a gleeful tweeted photo montage from the set, with a couple of (small) stills from the film included.”

A Wrinkle In Time is set to premiere April 6, 2018, we’ll have to wait just a bit. Heh.

“Finally, our D&D prayers have been answered. Wizards of the Coast has partnered with Curse Entertainment, a Twitch-owned media company, to create a digital toolkit for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition. They’re calling it D&D Beyond.”

Keeping track of your game made easier. Check out the trailer for the new app and service.

10. DIY Guess Who | Almost Makes Perfect
“my brother and i have been into board games since we were little – and we still go hard with it. we do game night with friends and play games every chance we get. so i decided for his birthday last month we’d make him his own personalized guess who with all his friends and family and his longtime man crush sam rockwell.

there were A LOT of hiccups while making what seemed to be not so difficult. like one after another. but luckily, if you want to try doing it on your own, you can learn from our mistakes.”

A new DIY project for the crafters, make your own Guess Who board game.


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