The Monthly Read – Wonder Woman Special


Selecting interesting articles, exciting news from the world of comics and pop culture, important editorials, or unique perspective pieces; LGN presents a monthly round up of links to read.

This special edition of The Monthly Read will only feature articles about Wonder Woman.


Wonder Woman is out JUNE 2ND everywhere.

Get your tickets ASAP!

1. We Need to Talk About That Wonder Woman Budget | Film School Rejects
“Despite its strategic positioning in the DC cinematic universe, and positive fan reaction, Wonder Woman is working with not just one of the lowest budgets of Warner Bros’ films, but of any current superhero film.”

Read up on the stats then go watch the movie. Wonder Woman is in theatres everywhere June 2nd.

“There’s no denying the significance of seeing a strong woman go where no man has gone before and do that which is not expected of her. It’s what makes so much of Steve Trevor’s reactions in Wonder Woman so funny (and at times, cathartic) for women watching the film: that expectation isn’t exclusive to island-dwelling goddesses made of clay and fortitude like ol’ Diana Prince here. And in this particularly fractured time, where women are demanding to be heard and respected despite a tide fighting directly against them, there’s increased resonance to the origin story of Wonder Woman being brought to the big screen right now.”

A video interview with the cast and crew of Wonder Woman.

3. Gal Gadot and Lynda Carter reunite at Hollywood premiere | EW
“The Hollywood premiere of Wonder Woman on Thursday got a double dose of Diana Prince. Gal Gadot, who plays the titular heroine in Patty Jenkins’ film, joined original Wonder Woman actress Lynda Carter on the red carpet.”

A legacy of Wonder Women.

4. Why Is Wonder Woman Being So Poorly Marketed? | Vogue
“Wonder Woman, Hollywood’s first superheroine movie in over a decade, is off to a rocky start. Earlier this week, Warner Bros and DC Entertainment were accused by comic book fans of under-promoting Wonder Woman, after comparing the marketing efforts behind Patty Jenkins’s upcoming film against past DC Comics movies like Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

Spend your money wisely, invest in the good things, COMPLAIN LOUDLY ABOUT THE BAD MARKETING AT DC AND WARNER BROS.

5. You Aren’t Imagining It, ‘Wonder Woman’ Really Isn’t Being Well Promoted | UPROXX
“Did you know Wonder Woman arrives in theaters a little over a month from now? On June 2, 2017, Princess Diana of Themyscira will get her first live action movie. Wonder Woman will be the first superheroine to have her own solo film since DC and Marvel reinvigorated the genre and started their own Cola Wars™ for audience eyeballs and wallets. This is a big deal. Wonder Woman has been around for over three-quarters of a century. Yet, unlike the other two pillars of the DC Trinity (Superman and Batman), she’s been relegated to animated films, television, and a minifig appearance in The LEGO Movie franchise.”

I cannot stress the importance to tell your friends that Wonder Woman is out JUNE 2ND!

6. Men Horrified by Women-Only ‘Wonder Woman’ Screening | THR
“It’s time to pour one out for the countless male tears that are being shed in Austin, Texas over a grave injustice some men feel is being committed against the fragile male species. A movie theater in Austin is daring to host — gasp— a women-only screening of Wonder Woman.”

The fragility of “men” on full display.

7. Sia – To Be Human feat. Labrinth – (From The Wonder Woman Soundtrack) | YouTube
“Sia’s song ‘To Be Human feat. Labrinth -‘ from the Wonder Woman Soundtrack
Written by: Florence Welch & Rick Nowels”

The official song of Wonder Woman performed by Sia featuring Labrinth.

8. Coming Soon: Wonder Woman Exclusives! | Funko
“Check out these Wonder Woman exclusives headed to stores soon, joining the already-announced regular line! We just can’t wait to see this movie!”

Super cute!

9. Wonder Woman Fashion Has Arrived Just in Time for the Movie | The Mary Sue
“The line is launching simultaneously at Hot Topic, Torrid (there’s a sale!) and The different sites seem to feature many of the same outfits, but have different sizes and prices—this confuses the matter a bit, but also lets you spend more time looking at the Diana-themed styles.”

*insert Fry just-take-my-money gif*

10. The Pristine Balance: The Role of Wonder Woman in the DC Trinity | Nerds of Color
“As the icon of truth and justice, Superman is aware of what he represents to the people of Earth. As a result, there are certain lines he can never allow himself to cross. Forged by the very darkness he battles against, Batman understands that because he’s so close to said darkness, he has to take extra care to make certain he isn’t corrupted by it.”

Defining Diana’s role in the highest echelons of the DC universe.

11. Suffering Sappho! The Role of Queer Coding in Wonder Woman | WWAC
“It’s a good time to be a Wonder Woman fan. Sure, it’s only taken seventy-five years, but the Amazon princess is finally beginning to receive a level of widespread respect equal to the other, mostly male, heroic icons venerated by popular culture. A vast amount of responsibility for this achievement lies with the relaunched Wonder Woman comic, created by author Greg Rucka and artists Nicola Scott and Liam Sharp, which has been given due promotional priority by DC under the high-profile Rebirth banner. The book is, almost without exception, a critical and popular hit.”

A great breakdown of Wonder Woman’s current comic book life.

12. Director Patty Jenkins On Why ‘Wonder Woman’ Is The New Superman | UPROXX
“I think that’s the greatest thing about it. You know, there are tiny homages, but the fact the spirit of it showed up to somebody who didn’t know that’s what I was trying to do, it makes me beside myself. That is what I wanted for her the most – for Diana to be that epic.”

A little extra from Patty Jenkins, the director of Wonder Woman.

13. What Does Wonder Woman Actually Represent? | The Nib
“Her long journey from feminist icon to damsel in distress, and back again.”

Wonder Woman is defined differently by every generation but she still remains a feminist icon.


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