The Monthly Read – July 3rd


Selecting interesting articles, exciting news from the world of comics and pop culture, important editorials, or unique perspective pieces; LGN presents a monthly round up of links to read.

This month we have GLOW, romance and Wonder Woman, and the tragedy of Sleepy Hollow.

1. Netflix’s GLOW Trailer | Youtube

Let’s face it, it’s your next binge watch. GLOW is on Netflix now. Happy binging LGNers.

2. The Movie Date That Solidified J.R.R. Tolkien’s Dislike of Walt Disney | Atlas Obscura
“Literary friendships are often thought of in the driest abstract, with learned people of letters sitting in stuffy rooms debating only the most important intellectual issues. But like anyone, sometimes a couple of authors just go to the movies. And on at least one occasion, the architect of Middle-earth and the father of Narnia went and saw Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs together.”

Frenemies to the end.

3. In ‘Wonder Woman,’ a Man Finally Sees What It’s Like to Be the Action Hero’s Arm Candy | Mel Magazine
“Wonder Woman is very smart about how it forces Pine to endure some of the same humiliations that female love interests have suffered for generations. For instance, it’s Steve who’s inexplicably naked early on in the film, allowing Diana and the audience to stare at his body.”

Pine took the sidekick role with honour.

4. Dazzling Wonder Woman DIY Shows How to Make Your Own Brass Tiara | My Modern Met
“After the smashing success of the new Wonder Woman movie, we can already guess what’ll be the hot costume of Halloween 2017. If you want to get an early start on your ensemble or cosplay at your favorite comic con, artisan Cole Iba has created a crown fit for the heroine herself. Better yet, he shows how to make your own DIY Wonder Woman tiara in a step-by-step Imgur post.”

Alright DIYers, it’s a post just for you.

5. Wonder Woman’s secret weapon is its superhero romance | AVClub
“There’s no shortage of reasons why Wonder Woman has become one of the buzziest and most financially successful of recent superhero origin stories. The DC comics adaptation is the first solo big-budget treatment of a female superhero in many years, the first big superhero movie directed by a woman, and the first big-screen adventure of a beloved, iconic character with plenty of name recognition from non-fans. These elements inform the movie’s creative success, but something less expected also helps Wonder Woman stand out among the annual pack of comic book adaptations crowding the multiplex: It’s a genuinely moving superhero romance.”

Chemistry matters.

6. ‘Star Wars’ Head-Banging Stormtrooper Explains the Classic Blunder | THR
“It is one of the most famous mistakes in the Star Wars film franchise: the head-banging Stromtrooper in A New Hope. 

It might be missed in the first few viewings of the 1977 classic, but once it is noticed, it can never be unseen. As a group of Stormtroopers walk into a control room, one of them unceremoniously bangs his head on the door ceiling.”

There was even drama for who claimed this glorious film blunder.

7. 16 foreign-language TV remakes: the hits and flops | Den of Geek
“It is, of course, a two-way street. While production companies in the UK and US are busily anglicising foreign hits, those abroad are doing exactly the same in reverse – with increasing frequency as the trend for scripted drama international remakes grows. It’s not just Golden Girls and Everybody Loves Raymond-style hit mainstream sitcoms getting the treatment either, but dramas and niche comedy.”

Whoa wait, Russian How I Met Your Mother whaa-?

8. INTERVIEW: How WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER came to be an RPG over Police Academy. | The Comics Beat
“Approved by WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER co-writer and director David Wain, WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER: FANTASY CAMP is an old school tabletop RPG that allows fans to play as a camper, counselor or staffer, such as Coop, Beth or Gene, and experience one insane day at Camp Firewood. Hump a fridge, end up at a secret pizza party, or save the camp from a renegade piece of Skylab, you know movie stuff!”

Are you fan of the cult movie Wet Hot American Summer? Well, this RPG is made for you.

9. The Tragedy of ‘Sleepy Hollow’ | Geeks of Color
“Yet, the show began to face a struggle with ratings as well as creative direction in the second season. Lead character Abbie Mills was effectively sidelined in favor of a story line primarily centered around Tom Mison’s Ichabod Crane and his family drama with estranged wife Katrina van Tassel, played by Katia Winter. Fans lamented this change and also the fact that Abbie Mills did not appear to be a well-rounded character.”

Cancelled by Fox after 4 seasons, a wish that it would stick to its image breaking roots and not fall down the cisgender male lead role road but alas, it did.

10. Bloody Fun: The Menstrual Horror of Ginger Snaps | cléo
“The early symptoms of lycanthropy are not very different from puberty at all: hair in places it wasn’t before, a spike in sexual desire, and changes in personality. The mythology within the film refutes traditional ideas of werewolves, most notably having lycanthropy spread like a disease: it is passed on just as easily through unprotected sex as through a bite. After it becomes increasingly clear that Ginger is not just going through puberty, Brigitte enlists the help of Sam (Kris Lemche) to find a cure for lycanthropy.”

Highly interesting essay on cult-classic Ginger-Snaps, filmed in Alberta.


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