LGN Presents: Sex, Gender, & Robots

Why are robots gendered and should we be having sex with them? Join Dr. Kristen Hutchinson to discuss the prevalence of female robots in popular culture & society.

Join us for Lady Geek Night to discuss this controversial subject (good time to mention some mature subject matter will be discussed) in a respectful environment with geeky cohorts.

When: Thursday August 3rd, 7PM

Where: Happy Harbor Comics (10748 104 Avenue)

Tatsuya Ishida, Sinfest, 2016

Tatsuya Ishida, Sinfest, 2016

This meeting will also be a good primer for anyone interesting in exploring geekery with an academic lens. Kristen teaches in-person seminars in her living room and coming this fall is her course on Feminism and Popular Culture! Read more here

About Dr. Kristen Hutchinson:

I am an art historian, visual artist, curator, art consultant &  writer.

In 2012, I taught my first independent seminar in my living room. Fueled by homemade baking and great discussions, the salon style atmosphere in that Themes in Contemporary Art and Television seminar was magical.

After many years of working as an adjunct professor, I realized that I really enjoy teaching outside of the confines of academia. I have since gone on to teach many independent seminars in my living room focused on learning and talking about a shared fascination with art, television, film, and pop culture. I have also created a virtual living room with my live, participatory online seminars.

I am currently writing a book about supernatural creatures in contemporary art, film and television from 2000 to the present. The book is inspired by a seminar that I teach online and in my living room: Vampires to Zombies: The Supernatural in Art, Film & TV .


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