The Monthly Read – August 7th


Selecting interesting articles, exciting news from the world of comics and pop culture, important editorials, or unique perspective pieces; LGN presents a monthly round up of links to read.

This month we have 90’s Captain Marvel, 100 years of Japanese Animation, Ghostbusters comic preview, and because linguistics.

1. Setting Captain Marvel in the ’90s hints at how much she matters | The Verge
“Captain Marvel isn’t due out in theaters until March 2019, but Marvel was quick to give the film its due during the studio’s Hall H panel at Comic-Con last night. One of the key details revealed during the presentation was that the movie will be a period piece set in the 1990s, a timeframe that will set it apart from most of the other films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.”

A Secret Invasion 90’s type movie with Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, count us all in.

2. Diversity isn’t a plot point in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming.’ It’s just normal for millennial New Yorkers like Peter Parker | LA Times
“A new sensibility is tingling in “Spider-Man: Homecoming.” Present throughout the second big-screen reboot of the beloved Marvel comics superhero, which opened to rave reviews and an estimated $117 million domestic box office, is a change audiences have increasingly demanded from Hollywood — not only in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but in the superhero genre at large: Diversity.”

It’s subtle yet noticeable, it’s welcome and makes for a very vivid picture of what now looks like.

3. ‘Black Panther’ Is Going to Be an Important Movie | Vice
“Black Panther already made his first cinematic appearance in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War. But after a wait that seemed to last for years, Marvel finally released the first teaser trailer for his solo feature to the world and it was beautiful. It was every bit of the symbolism I didn’t fully know I was missing. I can’t say if this movie is going to be good, but the teaser gives me hope, and judging by the sheer numbers of folks excited, I’m not the only one.”

I don’t know about you but I’ll be there opening night.


4. It’s such an absurd Day: an analysis of Hertzfeldt’s film “It’s Such a Beautiful Day” [SPOILERS] | Concert Addicts
Despite the contention in the field of absurdist philosophy, the absurd has been left largely untouched by philosophers, but has continued to be developed by artists in the mediums of theatre and film. These absurdist dramas focusing their narratives on human beings trapped in an incomprehensible world subject to any occurrence, no matter how illogical and devoid of meaning. One such modern absurdist film is It’s such a beautiful day.

This is the most in-depth Hertzfeldt review I’ve read so far.

5. The DCEU has a problem — everybody likes Wonder Woman | polygon
“That has more to do with theme than it does with any specific character. Wonder Woman is optimistic. Gal Godot’s Diana wants to be a hero. She leaves Themyscira to be a hero, and while her faith is tested, her resolve ultimately holds. She climbs out of the trenches in WWI because there are human lives at stake and she’s going to protect them. Hers is a movie about a superhero making the choice to be a superhero, without any expectation of praise or reward.”

It’s impossible to hide Wonder Woman’s optimism under any amount of Snyderisms.

6. 12 Game-Changing Anime: Celebrating 100 Years of Japanese Animation | Kore Asian Media
This year marks the 100-year anniversary of Japanese animation! Many young adults nostalgically recall the cartoons of their childhoods, which may include titles such as “Pokémon” and “Dragon Ball Z,” but these series are just a few works in a long tradition of excellence and creativity in Japanese animation.

A very nostalgic list.

7. English Has a New Preposition, Because Internet | The Atlantic
“Let’s start with the dull stuff, because pragmatism.

The word “because,” in standard English usage, is a subordinating conjunction, which means that it connects two parts of a sentence in which one (the subordinate) explains the other. In that capacity, “because” has two distinct forms. It can be followed either by a finite clause (I’m reading this because [I saw it on the web]) or by a prepositional phrase (I’m reading this because [of the web]). These two forms are, traditionally, the only ones to which “because” lends itself.”

A bit old but linguistics.

8. Taraji P. Henson Is the Last Thing You See Before You Die in the First Proud Mary Trailer | io9
“Henson stars as the film’s titular Mary, a hitwoman on the Boston mafia’s payroll whose life is suddenly derailed when she’s interrupted by a young boy during a job. The trailer hits all the sorts of beats you’d expect from an assassin action-thriller—plenty of guns, punching, and explosions—but there’s nothing quite like watching Taraji chug a bottle of Hennessy after a fight as Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary” blares in the background…”

More movies with femme fatales please.

9. ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Is a Marvel Movie About Poverty | Mel Magazine
“Against those odds, Civil War nevertheless succeeds. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo’s wit and charisma have a lot to do with it, as do Robert Downey Jr.’s on-point delivery as Iron Man and Anthony Mackie (Sam Wilson/Falcon) and Sebastian Stan’s (Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier) uncanny odd-couple chemistry. But its real triumph is far more surprising: Civil War is a parable of the ways inequality and privilege shape individual worldviews.

An interesting take that might make you rewatch the Marvel classic.

10. Exclusive preview of the new ‘Ghostbusters’ comic | LA Times
“IDW Publishing has announced “Ghostbusters: Answer the Call,” a five-issue series expanding the world of new team’s Abby Yates (Melissa McCarthy), Erin Gilbert (Kristen Wiig), Jillian Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon) and Patty Tolan (Leslie Jones). Writer Kelly Thompson (“Hawkeye”) and artist Corin Howell (“Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”) are the creative forces behind the series.

Both Thompson and Howell’s past credits include comics set in the “Ghostbusters” world. And while “Answer the Call” may not be the first time Abby, Erin, Holtzmann and Patty have wielded their proton packs in comics, it is the first series focusing strictly on the adventures of this new team from the 2016 movie.”

Check out the preview and then pre-order it at your LCS.

11. The 1999 ‘Mummy’ movie is so much better than you remember | Daily Dot
“Reviews for The Mummy, the 2017 blockbuster starring Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella that launches Universal’s newly announced shared universe of monster movies, are out and they’re, to put it lightly, not great. It’s been dubbed “an irredeemable disaster” and “the worst Tom Cruise movie ever,” described as being “crippled by a failure of imagination,” and criticized for its terrible treatment of women and how it didn’t explore the titular Mummy beyond the archetype of a sexualized female villain. As of press time it has a 21 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes and numerous reviewers have told people to just see Wonder Woman instead.

But if there’s a silver lining to the existence of The Mummy, it’s a reminder that at least one good Mummy movie already exists.”

It’s time for that special double feature and leave out that 3rd Mummy movie, it’s not good but probably better than Cruise’s Mummy. Decisions, decisions.


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