LGN Presents: Women In Horror

BEWARE! We have some spooky sisters joining us for a special halloween inspired LGN meeting!

What: Women in Horror Panel
When: Thursday October 5th at 7PM
Who: Organizer of Dedfemme & writer, a local horror filmmaker/writer, & a horror model
What: hosted by Sylvia and Been at Happy Harbor Comics we want to discuss the horror genre from these ladies points of view in varying disciplines both creative and critical.

More about our guests:

Meagan Schirrmacher

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Meagan is a model with a flair for the macabre, a horror enthusiast, and a lipstick connoisseur. Meagan began corset modelling in 2013 for Dark Knits Boutique and quickly found common ground with then bourgeoning makeup artist Corinne Simpson in the realms of gore and fantasy. Together Meagan and Corinne have created several memorable looks, including editorial spreads in dragon.haus and Lipstick and Lashes magazines, and personal favorites such as the zipper face, a Beetlejuice cosplay, and an homage to Dario Argento’s Suspiria. Meagan’s interest in horror started with R.L Stine’s Goosebumps and at a party when she was nine and caught her first viewing of A Nightmare on Elm Street. After an evening spent sick in the bathroom – she had never seen effects like Tina’s death scene – she proclaimed “It. Was. Awesome.”. Today Meagan considers herself to be a genius in Freddy culture and regularly cosplays as a gender bent version, appearing in several calendars, promos, and sometimes as an Expo booth model.

Lindsey McNeill


Lindsey McNeill is an AMPIA nominated Screenwriter and Actor and the creator of Codependent Ghost Girl, Truckstop Bloodsuckers and Hot Death. A lover of monsters, vamps and the supernatural, she is also the winner of the national From Our Dark Side genre contest for women who write horror (WIFTV). She hosts a Blog “Scream Queen B: The Blood, Guts & Glory of Creativity” for aspiring creatives and also casts monthly Tarotscopes for fans of tarot and astrology. You can follow her on Twitter & Instagram @ScreamQueenB.  

Lacey Paige


Is the curator of the Dedfemme film series at Metro Cinema at the Historic Garneau Theatre. DEDfemme aims to celebrate and promote the unique cinematic visions of women in genre film. Women are sorely undervalued in the filmmaking industry, but more so within the realm of genre. The unfortunate truth is that people don’t often equate great horror, action, sci-fi, western, psychological thriller and quirky comedy with the filmmaking efforts of women, but DEDfemme is here to prove that women are indeed out there, kicking ass and producing some of the most remarkable and offbeat stuff genre cinema has to offer.


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