The Monthly Read – April 2nd


Selecting interesting articles, exciting news from the world of comics and pop culture, important editorials, or unique perspective pieces; LGN presents a monthly round up of links to read.

This month we have Ava DuVernay, how video games demonize “fat” people, teachable trans history, and Nakia is the real revolutionary in Black Panther.

Stay hydrated, LGNers.

1. THE AVA EFFECT | Washington Post
“Forgive us for starting this by focusing on race. But race, fairly or not, is one of the major story lines as DuVernay, 45, readies her big budget adaptation of Madeleine L’Engle’s young adult classic. She is a black woman in an industry long ruled by white men. “Wrinkle,” which opens March 9, stars Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling, but its heroine is Meg Murry, a character transformed by actress Storm Reid. In the book, Meg is white, 14 and lives in Connecticut. In the movie, she’s an African American teenager from South Central L.A.”

Did you catch “A Wrinkle In Time” yet?

2. How Canada Became a Springboard for Female Directors | THR
“The initiative already is having an effect: A 2017 Telefilm study shows a 27 percent increase in agency-backed projects directed by women since 2015. And it’s not just Telefilm: The National Film Board of Canada, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. and the Canada Media Fund also have unveiled plans to achieve gender parity by 2020. But with its deep pockets — the agency invests around $100 million annually in homegrown filmmaking — Telefilm is leading the way.”

Support women in film.

3. How Marvel’s Jessica Jones assembled an all-female lineup of directors for season 2 | EW
“For its second season, the Marvel-Netflix production recruited female directors to helm all 13 episodes — an achievement that aligns with the series’ reputation as an envelope-pushing, women-centric drama featuring a complicated female protagonist. Though more female filmmakers have entered the spotlight in recent years — 2017 saw massive successes from directors Patty Jenkins, Greta Gerwig, and Dee Rees — women directed only 11 percent of the year’s top 250 films, according to the 2017 “Celluloid Ceiling” study from San Diego State University’s Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film. Jessica Jones‘ female-led set in season 2, in other words, is a remarkable triumph.”

Catch the second season of Jessica Jones on Netflix now.

4. A brief history of female masturbation in the movies | lwl magazine
In pornography, female masturbation is a mainstay. Male fantasy dictates that it is almost always a titillating act for a man to watch before placing himself in the action. Accordingly, it tends to serve as an appetiser to the main dish of penetrative sex. Cinema, while generally less explicit, follows a remarkably similar line of logic on the subject of female self-pleasure.”

Understanding the media we absorb and what sexual normalization might look like from your unique perspective and others.

5. If You Love Black Panther, You Have to Read Nnedi Okorafor’s Books | Paste
“Okorafor, who’s about to wrap up a run on Marvel’s Black Panther: Long Live the King comic series, boasts an enthralling catalogue of novels steeped in afrofuturism. So if you’re looking for more stories featuring kickass women and inventive tech on the African continent, Okorafor has you covered.”

Step into a whole new world of sci-fi with afrofuturism.

“In 2018, the AAA video game remains our most persuasive and powerful cultural product. And yet it almost exclusively depicts the fat body, my body, as a noxious threat, a monstrosity, an object of ridicule, something to be dealt with violently. But why?”

Rethink your gaming.

“She fights ivory traders and infiltrates terrorist groups to keep Wakanda abreast of what’s happening around the world, and also, to gain the knowledge she needs to make her case for spreading Wakanda’s good fortune. Nakia is equally-as-invested as Killmonger in using Wakanda’s advanced technology and other resources to help oppressed people around the world. However, her methods are starkly different because she understands that liberation can’t be predicated on the oppression of others. Instead of wreaking havoc, Nakia is leaning on T’Challa to open the borders of Wakanda to refugees while also providing foreign aid to other countries.”

When watching Black Panther, were you paying attention? Slay Nakia, slay!

8. Binge-Watching Everything Is Messing With Our Heads | Tonic
“Lamenting the addictiveness of smartphones and social media is so 2007—Apple and Facebook own your soul (and have for quite some time now)—get over it. Sean Parker, one of Facebook’s early investors recently told Axios that the platform was specifically designed to prey on our need for validation from one another—the need for that validation being one of our greatest psychological weaknesses.”

Maybe its time we start taking it one episode at a time. #slowlife

“If we want liberation, then we need activists, scholars, teachers, and everyone else to teach trans history.  That’s why I’m launching a new feature on this blog: teachable trans history.  I’ll be sharing primary sources, videos, and other resources that will give you everything you need to learn about transgender liberation movement and teach it to others.   I’ll be starting at the very top: Marsha “Pay it No Mind” Johnson”

Get educated.

10. 11 Genius Ways People Are Tracking Their Daily Water Intake | PopSugar
“If drinking enough water is the most difficult task for you, you might want to try holding yourself accountable on paper. Instagram users have been sharing creative ways they’ve customized their bullet journals to hit their goals, but adding a water tracker has got to be one of our favorites. “

If you haven’t in the last five minutes, drink some water now. It’s important to hydrate and you’d be surprised how many times you forget. So drink up LGNers!




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