The Monthly Read – FCBD Edition


Selecting interesting articles, exciting news from the world of comics and pop culture, important editorials, or unique perspective pieces; LGN presents a monthly round up of links to read.

Free Comic Book Day is upon us! Visit your local comic book shop for freebies and (probably) deals! If you’ve never heard of FCBD, here’s a primer.

This FCBD edition we have culture wars come for comics books, comic reviews and announcements, and the LGN cubby at Happy Harbor Comics.

We also want to steer people to Calgary’s Panel One Comic Creator Festival in May.

1. The culture wars come to comic books | MacLean’s
“It’s been bubbling for years as Marvel has increased racial, sexual and gender representation, from Kamala Khan, a Muslim teen Ms. Marvel, to Miles Morales, a black-Hispanic Spider-Man. The company also passed the mantles of Thor, Hawkeye, Iron Man and Wolverine on to female characters, gave Captain America’s shield to black superhero Sam Wilson, made a Korean-American teen the Hulk, and had Iceman come out as gay. High-profile writers of colour like Ta-Nehisi Coates and Roxane Gay joined Marvel’s roster of creators. In response, Marvel and those creators have faced online harassment. “They are legitimately frightened by harassers who threaten to come and find them at conventions, at stores, at their homes,” wrote comic legend Mark Waid in a Facebook post. “One was told she should be burned to death. Another was told that she should be put down like a dog. And those are examples of some of the less hateful attacks.” Earlier this month, a proposed blacklist of writers and artists made the rounds: “Do not buy comics from these people,” the call-to-arms read. “The only way to fix this industry is to get the cancer out.” Even alt-right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos has weighed in, with a 2015 rant in Breitbart claiming that “progressive hand-wringing and misandry” are ruining a “cherished art form.””

I forgive magazine media for being a bit behind but seeing this article in mainstream media is important and worth pausing for.

2. Merriam Webster Adds New Word to Dictionary Using Marvel Hero as an Example | Comicbook
“Merriam-Webster added some new words to the dictionary this week and when it came to explaining one of them, the referred to Ms Marvel Kamala Khan.

The publisher added 850 new words, the Greek yogurt sauce tzatziki, the popular term for disaster “dumpster fire,” and “mansplain” in addition to the term “embiggen.” In a tweet announcing the addition of “embiggen,” Merriam-Webster shared a GIF of G. Willow Wilson’s Ms Marvel.”

Woohoo, Ms. Marvel!

3. Marvel Fresh Start: All-New Wolverine Becomes X-23 Again With a New #1 in June | The Beat
“All-New Wolverine has been a solid performer for Marvel.  Issue 31 shipped in February and that’s a lot of issues without a relaunch for a current Marvel title.  Still, All-New Wolverine was all about Wolverine’s clone daughter, formerly known as “X-23,” taking up the Wolverine mantle.”

Spoiler alert, Mariko Tamaki is writing! In stores June 1.

““It Ain’t Me, Babe” was published in 1970 and was the the first ever comic book composed entirely of women, and while it remained a single comic and not a series, it was the impetus to start the series Wimmen’s Comix, which debuted in 1972, and would continue until 1992.

Read the herstory. Be inspired.

“A comics publisher and team of comics creators are showing that you don’t need to be faster than a speeding bullet to be a hero. Lion Forge has published a comics anthology to generate relief for Puerto Rico still suffering from the destructive effects of Hurricane  Maria. 

The Puerto Rico Strong  anthology explores what it means to be Puerto Rican and the diversity that exists within that concept, all from the hottest comics creators from Puerto Rico working today. Stories range from the realistic to the fantastical. All profits will go toward disaster relief and recovery programs to support Puerto Rico.”

To be released sometime in March, 100% of the profit goes towards Puerto Rico Relief Fund.

“As a medium and an industry, comics aren’t always kind to women, especially women of color. Mainstream comic book companies seem to hire them once in a blue moon and yet they are still out there producing their own work as writers, artists, editors, and more. In honor of Women’s History Month, check out the work of these BIWOC comics writers.”

Check out these creators and read their comics!

7. Review: “Dodge City” #1 | Multiversity
“When it comes to great sports stories, the ones that truly stand out above all others are the ones centered around the rise of the underdog to the top of the world. Okay, so maybe that’s the majority of sports fiction, but there’s a reason the underdog tale is so common in the genre, and that’s because it works. Writer Josh Trujillo knows this, which is why he’s doubling down on the underdog dodgeball drama, by putting lead character Tomas – the textbook underdog – in a team filled with them.”

Hot new alt sports comics hot off the press!

8. Black Panther’s Badass Female Warriors Are Getting Their Own Spin-Off | Vogue
“As anyone who has seen Black Panther can tell you, the Dora Milaje are a force to be reckoned with. The devoted female warriors sworn to protect Wakanda’s throne are an essential part of the boundary-breaking blockbuster—so it should come as little surprise that Marvel’s latest release takes their story far beyond their service to their king, T’Challa. In Wakanda Forever: The Amazing Spider-Man, the Dora Milaje are finally getting their own arc, with Okoye, Ayo, and Aneka headed to New York to investigate a threat to national security, and connecting with Peter Parker in the process. “

When an international high fashion magazine is talking about Wakanda’s Dora Milaje, that’s impact.

“Nutmeg tells the story of Poppy Pepper and new friend Cassia Caraway as they team up to take down her middle school baking rivals, Saffron Longfellow and the Lady Rangers. During their search for the perfect brownie, the pair stumble upon an addictive recipe that makes their baking an instant smash with their peers, leading them on a dangerous path towards the criminal underworld.”

Stay up to date with issues via the official website or on Comixology.

10. Panel One Comic Creator Fest 2018 in Calgary | Panel One
“The Panel One Comic Creator Festival will be going into its third year in 2018. With two years of success, the festival is a unique event that fosters pride and awareness around Canadian comic creators and their work.

The festival began in 2016 when a group of Panel One members saw an opportunity to expose local creators to the greater YYC community. The first year saw 30 comic creators table and just over 200 Calgarians come to enjoy the festival. By the second year, the festival saw over a 30% increase of tabling creators and became incorporated as the Panel One Comics Society in order to operate the show.”

Put it into your calendars LGNers. Check them out on Facebook, they will post an event page for the P1 Comic Creators Festival soon.

11. LGN Cubby at Happy Harbor Comics | This Blog

When you find yourself in Happy Harbor Comics in Edmonton, check out the LGN cubby and maybe find your next read.


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