LGN Presents: Crafty Krampus Game Night


When? Thursday December 6th at 7pm!

Where? Happy Harbor Comics (10729 104 Avenue) 

What? A Krampus-Themed game of Werewolf hosted by Alexa Thompson!

Join LGN at Happy Harbor Comics for a fun-filled and festive evening of holiday mayhem! We’re tailoring the game Werewolf to suit a Krampus theme and it’s a game everyone can play! All you need is to show up and be willing to sell out your village neighbors to Krampus to save your own skin. So festive!

We encourage you to bring your knitting, crocheting, cross-stitching, card-making projects to work on while we play, too. Think of it as a Krampus Craft and Kill adventure. But festive! Wear a Santa hat. Bring baking.

Alexa Thompson will be our Krampus hostess with the mostest. The fun starts at 7pm and will wind down by 8:30 at Happy Harbor Comics on 10729 104 Avenue downtown. Bring friends! Bring family! See you there.

We have a door prize from Happy Harbor Comic’s Artist in Residence: Courtney Loberg!



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