The Team

us-2016-dougieSylvia D, co-founder
Sylvia is an arts administrator, writer, and dabbler in multimedia arts. Sylvia previously worked at Happy Harbor Comics now she now works full time in the arts and cultural sector of Edmonton. She loves Ellen Ripley and all things Alien, her obsession with Star Wars is lifelong, and Star Trek: The Next Generation was an influential mentor to her. Sylvia enjoys most things that include but are not limited to: space ships, time travel, dragons, history, magic, disguises, and trains.
Been, co-organizer
It is I, Been. 978 year old vampire. Manages Happy Harbor Comics by day, is a freelance makeup artist for her company VampireNomad Palette weekends and evenings. By night she is fog, mist, bat, or watching CSI and Spartacus.
us-2016-andreaAndrea, co-founder
Andrea Co-Founded LGNYEG in 2014, with the inaugural meeting in April of 2014. She currently works at Happy Harbor Comics, in Edmonton, AB, and has an obsession with all things Sailor Moon. When not working or sleeping, she enjoys reading comics, playing video games, cross stitching and has recently picked up her pencil and started drawing again. She also can’t write bios to save her life.
us-2016-smoonieSylvia M, co-organizer
Sylvia has been a co-organizer for LGN since conception. Brought onboard by Andrea B, she designed the group’s brand image and logo. Sylvia is a full time graphic designer and freelancer working in Edmonton. Fond of pop culture and the like, is usually running with the comic creators and artists. If she’s not drawing or designing, she’s usually watching films or writing story ideas.
us-2016-krisKris, co-organizer
Kris joined LGN YEG as a co-organizer in 2015.  She spends her days working as a clinical designer for Alberta Health Services.  In the evening, she can be found baking cakes or volunteering for local organizations such as LGN, Metro Cinema, and GEARS animal rescue – “sleep is for the dead.”
She geeks out over cake decorating, healthcare tech and graphic design trends.  Her favourite franchises are Dr. Who and Star Trek TNG.  Kris loves to talk healthcare – if you’re feeling brave, ask her about her days spent processing parasites & organ donation specimens at the U of A Hospital!