What does LGN do?! This group started with the goal to create a space, virtually and physically, to gather and share all things geeky with an emphasis on inclusivity. Occasionally, geek culture has been referred to as a “boys club” and some people have experienced negative encounters while navigating nerdy spaces because of their gender. LGN seeks to invite women, queer, and non gender binary nerds to get together and geek out in a safe environment. Everyone is welcome to attend LGN events keeping in mind some topics might be too mature for geeky kiddos.

So, what do we really do? We host various events like our regular monthly meetings that take place (usually) on the first Thursday of the month with rotating topics. We have started a book club that has bigger plans for 2016. LGN hosts two seasonal craft/creator markets, one in the summer and one for the winter holidays. Coming soon we want to host casual drink and draws for creators to work on their projects and socialize. The LGN organizers get excited about new ideas all the time so you can expect some splinter events in addition to the ones just listed.